Day of Arrival Instructions


2022 Camp Sessions

All in-person sessions hosted at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri

Flagship - July 17th to 30th: $2,395

The Triumph Debate flagship program focuses on LD debate successful at NCFL/NSDA tournaments. We prioritize understanding core debate skills, philosophy and framework, communication, and more. This division is ideal for students who compete in local circuits, want to succeed at their state tournament, or hope to do well at NSDA Nationals.

Summer Intensive - July 17th to 23rd: $1,495

Triumph Debate Camp features a one-week summer intensive session, focused on traditional Lincoln Douglas debate. Students will experience our extensive curriculum taught by expert coaches from across the country. Our one-week camp is great for students who want a camp experience, but have less summer availability.

Practicum - July 24th to 30th: $1,495

Triumph Debate Camp offers a "practicum" session for students with significant debate experience. Our practicum focuses less on teaching content and concepts, and more on application of that knowledge. Practicum students spend most of their time refining skills through practice sessions. Our practicum session is best for students who have Juniors and Seniors in Lincoln Douglas Debate who have extensive knowledge, and hope to refine their skills over summer.

Intro To Debate & Public Speaking - July 17th to 23rd: $1,495

Triumph Debate Camp offers a one-week camp for students interested in building their understanding of debate and public speaking. In this program, students will learn core communication skills as well as the fundamentals of building and refuting arguments. This session is best for middle school students and novice debaters who are seeking to improve over summer, but may have very little experience.

Online Session - July 10th to 16th: $595

Triumph Debate hosts a one-week virtual debate camp in traditional Lincoln Douglas debate. Utilizing Google Meets + Classroom, our virtual camp meets six hours a day. The online LD camp curriculum mirrors our one-week in person session, but through a virtual format to increase accessibility. This session is best for students who hope to attend a debate camp, but may be limited by financial barriers or have other commitments during summer.